Back on April 21, 2015, Google Search changed its search algorithms to recognize and rank mobile friendly websites.  Now, in a matter of months, Google Search will be giving mobile friendly websites its own indexing separate from the desktop indexing. What does this mean to you? The desktop version of your website and the mobile version of your website will be ranked on its own merits and be ranked accordingly. Since there’s going to be Google indexing for desktop and mobile, your website will be ranked differently.

Along with Google Search fully separating it’s search indexing, it’s going to do a rapid update for mobile and a separate, secondary index for the desktop. If the mobile Google Search is refreshed quickly and treated as a primary, your desktop Google Search may be lagging in updates.

By Google maintaining a fully separate index for mobile and desktop, it creates a more unbiased ranking for mobile-friendly websites. Case in point, in today’s Google Search results, due to having one website index, a mobile website might not have all the same content as the desktop version, therefore, if you click on a search result on your mobile phone, it may lead you to a webpage that doesn’t have the information it promised you.

Is your website mobile friendly? Does it have all the necessary content to bring a user to your website on a mobile device? If you said NO to one or both of these questions, we can definitely help you out. Contact us for an initial free website evaluation.

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