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  • Service Request
  • Employee Hours
  • Mobile Workforce

Customized Web Apps For Small Businesses

Do you find it really frustrating doing stuff that should be a lot easier? Do you have a problem that might be solved with a really cool app or service? Have you spent ages searching for this app? We can help.

We build customized web apps for business that you can use on all your devices; desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Business web apps can do a really cool range of things.


The Power Of Web Apps

  • View data in table view and list view
  • Update data directly from table or from a web form
  • Receive email alerts when a record is updated
  • Sort records in a table by any column
  • Have a default sort order
  • Filter your records on a specific column
  • Get total, average, minimum and maximum value of columns

NOTE: Not all capabilities listed.

Mobile Friendly

Your web app will work and look great on your desktop computer and any mobile device, including smart-phones and tablets.

  • It will automatically resize when viewed on any mobile device
  • Your workforce can be empowered by having a mobile app in the field
  • Optimized for mobile features like using your phone camera for image uploads
Web app secure login

Powerful User Features

Integrate user accounts and logins into your app.

  • Secure login with https protocol (SSL)
  • User can login with email address and password or ┬ásign in with Google
  • Protect your data with different user roles and permissions
  • User can log in and access just their database records
  • No user limits or seat limits

Web Apps. Work Harder. Not More.

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