Creative Website Designs Will Help Your Marketing Plan

Creative Website Designs Will Help Your Marketing PlanHaving a stunning web design is crucial if you want to blast through your competition in the online world. Did you know that it can also help your marketing plan? Here’s five ways to accomplish that:

Consistent Branding

As in real life, first impressions are important on the internet. Your website must have contrasting colors, a great-looking logo, appropriate font, high-quality images and an overall message that resonates with your audience. You just won’t find this type of design by using a cookie cutter template. A unique design will stand out and be noticed. Branding has to be consistent. Without it, people might forget or lose interest in your products or your website. Yes, first impressions are the most important but being consistent with promotions, marketing, and sales are going to have a major influence on your brand.


An intuitive web design is important for all types of websites. However, if you’re selling e-commerce goods, you must have a design that’s sleek, professional, trustworthy and structured. If you want to sell something like carrying cases, the design of your site with appropriate photos and possibly video can have an immediate impact. Proper lighting and techniques will be used to ensure that the images of each case will entice buyers to make a purchase. Also, thorough descriptions will explain all of the benefits and specs of each case and their structure on each page will look aesthetically pleasing. This will create a good experience and help prospective buyers easily browse through each selection.

The Importance Of Landing Pages

If your business is involved with PPC marketing, you understand how important it is to have a great-looking landing page that entices customers to join your email list or take advantage of a free trial. The design must be created so that your visitors go through a streamlined process that takes them from your landing page to a desired result. A professional web design has the ability to match your ad and create subconscious trust between your business and your audience.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

When a visitor lands on your website, your goal is to guide them through a number of desired actions. This could range from watching a video, signing up for free classes or purchasing one of your products. A creatively designed website has the ability to funnel your visitors through online forms, images and text. The user experience is strategically planned for each and every page.

Search Engine Friendly

Ideally, you want to have each page of your website optimized for keywords that are related to your services or products. If this hasn’t been completed, you’re missing out on potential sales. Website design includes optimizing each page so that users have a valuable experience and Google knows where to list your site on its search engine. Thoroughly optimize your website for keywords and keyword phrases if it has not been completed.

Your marketing plan and website design must coincide to create the most amount of sales for your business.

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