Must-Have Tools to Enhance Your Website

WHAT TOOLS ARE IMPORTANT WHEN ENHANCING YOUR WEBSITEThe following tools will help make an immediate impact on the SEO performance of your website. Remember that SEO is a process and it does take an ongoing effort to finally pay off. After discipline and time results will begin to show. Speed increases engagement from your visitors and boosts sales. Maximum conversion rates could be reached, and retention rates could be through the roof. Even the smallest tips can make the biggest differences.

Website Grader

HubSpot created an amazing resource to allow you to see how your website measures up to other similar websites. It also gives you tips and things that you can do to make your site even better. This tool analyzes traffic, social popularity, SEO (on- and off-page), and many other factors that make an impact on the overall capabilities and statistics of your website.


This tool has graded over 2 million unique website URLs. Specifically, it measures the way your website is performing in marketing effectiveness. It provides a score between zero to 100 to small to mid-sized businesses, marketers, potential customers, and many individuals. It was created with the intention of helping people realize they can do simple things to optimize their websites by doing simple things.

Google Analytics

This collection of resources is an excellent composite of free tools that will analyze every aspect of your website. Setting up a free account is simple, and traffic sources, site use, popular content, and more. SEO updates can be made based on this knowledge and statistics. There are many features of Google Analytics, and each is a comprehensive tool.

Google Analytics is integrated with AdWords, which means that campaigns can be reviewed by tracking conversions (goals) and landing page quality. Google Analytics aims to show in-depth website data within the site a little bit further, and the dashboard more high-level information for the average user.

The reporting for the e-commerce section can track all aspects of performance and sales. The transactions, revenue, and other metrics are available to view. Real Time Analytics is another feature of Google Analytics that was launched in 2011. A user can only have 100 profiles within the Google Analytics dashboard. One profile equals one website. Only sites with less than 5 million views/month can use the platform.

Google Analytics Cohort analysis helps site masters understand audience groups that are different from the typical user population. This benefits analysts and marketers to implement an improved marketing strategy.

Google Keyword Tool

Finding the right keyword for your specific content is necessary to begin your on-page SEO. Google’s Keyword Tool is an amazing free resource that can make this research simple. You can easily see which relevant keywords you would benefit from focusing on in regard to competition, relevance, and monthly volume.

The tool has a couple of areas that need to be explained. The competition area is referencing the competition within Adwords (those bidding for keywords). This column does not refer to the keyword ranking for the SEO.

Another thing to remember is that all locations should be viewed all the time. Your site will likely rank high in just one version of Google (these locations are .uk or .co for example). The global searches are not relevant since you are likely not looking to rank the highest in each version of Google. Finally, sometimes the searches aren’t accurate. These should only be seen as a guide and should be used to compare individual keywords to one another. This tool can be very helpful for looking to see which keyword gets searched for more than others.

Open Site Explorer

This tool gives you a comprehensive look at many links directing to and from your website. It is an in-depth analysis that can give you insight as to where exactly your site is performing the best. The pages that are the most frequently linked to and the most traffic-driving links to your site are outlined for you. ¬¬

Open Site explorer is used by marketers around the globe to find link-building opportunities, find potentially damaging links, and research backlinks to safeguard their sites. A limited number of searches can be performed for free each day. Simply enter the URL of the page to be analyzed, and specific data will be returned on the next page. Established Links, Authority and Just-Discovered links all have data compiled on this page. Page metrics are only for individual pages and do not reflect metrics for the entire site.

SEO Sorcerer

If you would benefit from a complete analysis of the SEO for the keywords, content, structure, meta-tags, and a lot of other details for your web page you should definitely visit the SEO Sorcerer. It can develop a short report for you and give you hints as to where your site can be improved. There are many tools within the larger umbrella that makes up SEO Sorcerer. The tools include a SiteMap Generator, Page Comparison tool, Site Audit, Sitemap Checker, Security Scanner, and Webmaster Crawl Errors.

The SiteMap Generator will build a Sitemap file for you (.xml) after you input your site script. The Page Comparison tool will point out the metrics differences for two side-by-side pages within your website. The Site Audit crawler looks for 300, 400, and 500-level errors. The Security Scanner tests 32,000 security points against your website. The Sitemap Checker verifies each link within your sitemap. The Webmaster Crawl Errors checks data from Google Webmaster Site Errors for you. This set of tools is absolutely incredible, and can truly make over a website from the inside out.

This tool can show you the way your website looks to a search engine, as it takes away all the graphics and pictures that usually tie the whole site together. Other statistics such as page size, page load time, number of images, meta information, and more will also be listed. is comprehensive, fast, and efficient, and will help you understand and examine many different parts of your web page. Simple tweaks can make your website grow bigger with minimal effort.

SERP Rank Tool by

The Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) have a non-biased view of your page and you can see what that is with this very helpful tool. Find out where your site ranks for certain keywords. Data on how you relate to your competition is also available with this tool. This will save you tons of time. It takes a very long while to look at page ranks for over 20 terms at a time each day. Logging and tracking the results are another story entirely, and tracking movement can be tedious without this tool. This should be infinitely helpful and will replace all of that work.

Your website will be greatly impacted by these tools that can upgrade the SEO performance of your website. Be patient and expect to wait as SEO is a process and will require some ongoing maintenance, but you will be an SEO expert in no time. Aim to make your site as fast as possible, and keep upgrading as even the smallest things can help improve the overall website experience.

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