Your website serves as the voice and vision of your company and will be the primary way that potential clients interface with your ideas, products, and services. You know that you want a great website but have probably heard that entrepreneurs often spend far more than they plan to at this stage and sometimes even go broke. However, following a few smart tips can help you avoid financial hardship with your website design.

Offer Equity

Offering equity, or a percentage of your business, in exchange for a professional website will help you save a lot of money and typically only cost you a few percentage points of equity. Be sure to create a legal document explaining the agreement in detail.

Recruit a College Student

There is no shortage of college students who would love to get their foot in the door and pad their resumes with real web design experience. In many cases, students will accept college credit or an unpaid internship in exchange for the opportunity to demonstrate their talent. Make sure to create a clear schedule and a deadline for completion of the site so that you both know what to expect and when.

Trade in Kind

Chances are you have at least a few skills that would be valuable to someone else. Post an ad in your local classifieds or reach out to people on social media to find a web designer who is willing to trade in kind. This method is one of the most affordable and can also help to expand your network of business contacts.

Use a Template Service

There are many template website building services that can give you the tools you need to quickly and easily build a fully functioning and engaging site. In addition, most of the available options are remarkably affordable and usually include hosting in the cost. So even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still have an amazing website.

Assess Your Finances

If you find yourself over budget and facing financial hardship, you should talk to a bankruptcy attorney to find out your options. Your situation may not be as bad as you think. It’s also important to remember that learning, and even experiencing hardship, is an integral part of ultimately succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Creating your first business website is an exciting process. Doing it while saving money is even better, and will put you on the path to being a savvy and successful business owner.




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