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Google Ads Questionnaire

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Google Ads Questionnaire

Before we get started, let me give you a little food for thought regarding Google Ads.

What are your competitors doing?
It’s always wise to keep attuned to the choices your customers have. Check out what your competition is doing with Google ads, or other advertising strategies too.

Research your competition by searching for the keywords you’ve chosen, or search for your competitors names directly in Google.

Put together a simple competitive analysis. Then list out the strengths and weaknesses of their campaigns. Determine how you can outsmart them, to win more customers.

Do you offer better service? Are you more value oriented? If they are on Google Places, are you? Are there different keywords you could be using? Can you make a clearer CTA (Call to Action)?

By checking out your rivals, you gain a better understanding of what your business is up against – and you can act to optimize your campaigns.

Know your monthly budget
Know your monthly budget and stick with it. If you vary your ad spend each month it will skew your results.

You need your PPC ads to give your business profits. Plan out your Google Ad budget, before you dive right in.

Google Ads are priced on a per day basis. If you’ve never run online advertising, this could be something new to you, so make sure you understand how the pricing system works.

Google has a number of costing structures.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) allows you to set your ad spend based on the number of clicks your ad. It’s the default costing you see when you make an ad campaign.
  • Maximum Cost-Per-Click (Max. CPC bid) is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for one click. Here’s where a bit of strategy comes in. The more you’re willing to pay for a click, the more likely you’ll get traffic. The less you’re willing to pay, the more likely you’ll get less traffic. You are bidding against your competitors for your keyword phrases, and other factors. Basically, the highest Max. CPC generally gets the higher ranking.

    Fill out the questionnaire the best you can. It will help us tremendously to get the results you're looking for.

List out a few demographics of your customers such as: Are they a local market? Are they businesses, individuals or families? Would they be searching for you on mobile, or from a laptop? What level of knowledge do they have about your products? What do they want right now, when they are searching for you?
Like any good marketing campaign, you need to create or solve a problem. You also need to show why your organization or business is the best at giving the searcher what they are looking for. Answer these questions about your campaign: What makes your business unique, and different than your competitors? What are your key unique selling points (USP)? What are you offering right now to get your customer to click your ad?
Google Ads is intent marketing. You are getting seen by potential customers exactly when they are searching for your offer, product or service. Think like your customer. List out what you think they would be typing into Google when they want what you’ve got. Remember that people are now searching like they speak (thanks Siri!). Please list at least 10 phrases that you think people would use when looking for you.
Think about the results you need to achieve from your campaigns. List out your campaign objectives. Do you want: Increased foot traffic? Increased website traffic? Online sales conversions? Lead generation? More coupon participants? The better you know what you want from your paid ads, the better results you’re going to get. We can fine tune your targeting, ad copy, and ad groups.
Determine what it is you want your potential buyer to do when they see your ad. This will be based on what your business objectives are for your campaigns, but specifically what actions you want your customer to take when they see your ad. Do you want interested consumers to: Phone you, Request quote online, Buy a specific product, Click through to your coupon landing page,Make a donation, Make a reservation online, Like your Facebook Page.
With Google Ads, there’s almost a limitless number of ways to track and measure your campaign metrics. What we measure will depend largely on what you want out of your campaigns. List out the metrics you need us to watch such as: Number of clicks to a specific landing page, Number of email leads, Number of sales, Number of calls.
How long are your ads going to run? The answer to this question may vary from one of your campaigns to the next. But you need to plan this out before your start your ads.

For example, for brand awareness, or ongoing traffic to your site you may want to run a long campaign like 3 months or longer. Another example is you might be hosting a short term sweepstakes on your site. You need to get the word out, so you promote it through Ads. Your ad campaign should stop when your sweepstakes ends.
Know your monthly budget and stick with it. If you vary your ad spend each month it will skew your results. You need your PPC ads to give your business profits. Plan out your Google Ad budget, before you dive right in.

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