Email Marketing Campaign Templates

These templates are focused on specific type of targeted audience. Of course, there are many more and you can always create your own, but these templates should get your wheels spinning with some great email marketing campaign ideas that are specific to your business needs. Instructions: Select template, fill out form and submit. Upon submission, you’ll receive an email with all the email campaign template information. Then all you have to do is forward it to your Marketing Automation Administrator to execute.

Have new contacts from a tradeshow, networking event, or business partner? Build brand awareness among cold leads and referrals with this 3-part email campaign.

Be proactive about winning back the hearts of your former customers. Reach out with this 3-part campaign to renew interest from those who are no longer working with you.

Has a prospect recently requested a consultation or a time to meet? Make sure no opportunity slips through the cracks with this 5-part email engagement campaign.

Ready to wow new clients with stellar customer service from the get-go? This 6-part campaign ensures that you build a positive relationship while communicating important details about your products & services.

Want to drive interest from those filling out online forms or attending your webinars? Try this 8-part nurturing campaign to begin building your relationship from the ground up.

Have a whitepaper or digital asset on your website driving in new leads? Don’t miss out on the chance to nurture and educate subscribers on your products and services using this 7-part campaign.

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