Do you know how your business is listed? Is all the information correct on your business listing?

We provide Business Listing Management Services for that business owner that wants to take control of their internet presence.

Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions Available.
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ListingPower reinforces your brand by making sure your business listing is correct and SEO friendly in the most popular major and local business directories which increases the chances of your business to be found.

We understand you can probably do it yourself and list your business for free, but look at the time you spend doing this and other disadvantages:

  1. Your business listing may not show up for about two weeks
  2. Paid listings get priority over yours
  3. If you want to update your listing, you have to go to each listing and update separately.
  4. Free listings only get basic information like business name, address and phone number.

Don’t you have better things to do with your time?  Like what your good at, your profession, making money?

Let us do the heavy lifting and promote your business.  You’re great at what you do and we are experts at what we do.

After your business is listed, would you rather email or call us about a change or promotion you want on your business listing or would you rather go to each of your business listings and make the changes yourself?

Get ListingPower

  1.  We’ll add enhanced content to your listings (Phone numbers, Business description, Business hours, Payment methods, Business contact email, Website url, Photos, YouTube videos, Twitter handle, Facebook page url and Contact lists)
  2. We’ll list and manage your business listing in over 50 business directories
  3. We’ll make sure duplicate business listings are suppressed to maximize your business listing and so that consumers can’t view them or find them in search results.Business Directories in U.S.


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