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Your online brand is important and with ListingPower you have the comfort of knowing that you have control of having all your business listings correct, managed and updated quickly and efficiently. You get the power of one multiplied by many when all your business listings are exactly the same, in regards to important information like business name spelling, description and address. This improves SEO and ranking tremendously.

Choose the plan that's right for you!


  • Monthly: $59.99 ($719.88 a year)
  • Yearly: $611.88 ($50.99 a month) save 15%

*W/Duplicate Suppression

  • Monthly: $74.99 ($899.88 a year)
  • Yearly: $764.90 ($63.74) save 15%

* ListingPower w/duplicate suppression isn’t always necessary. After you purchase ListingPower and we discover that ListingPower w/duplicate suppression will benefit you, we’ll let you know so you can make the decision. If you decide to get ListingPower w/duplicate suppression, we’ll revise your agreement accordingly.

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We’ll even give you the opportunity to see how your business listing looks right now in over 100 business directories.

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