Increase Your Website Traffic By Making Appealing Blog Posts

A blog is an important part of a professional website, and for some people, it’s the main thing they want people to visit when they arrive on their website. Creating stellar content is important for traffic. Google search rankings and reader loyalty. Here are a few ways to create excellent and appealing content.

Creating shareable content.

Great blog posts, especially those that comment on trending news or that are highly timely, have the potential to be shared over and over on social media. When people post your article to social media, it increases the likelihood of garnering more traffic. To create content that’s worthy of being shared, highlight certain sentences that would make a great Facebook post or Tweet. For example, you could make a standalone paragraph mid-blog post that says, “Tweet this!” and then has a suggested sentence to share on social media.

Internally link to other blog posts.

When you write a blog post, chances are you mention a topic that you’ve written about before. It’s always a good idea to add links to your other blog posts. The more links that are pointing to an individual blog post, the higher Google will favor your content. Plus, doing this helps out the reader by giving them more information to build on what you’re telling them. This can keep a reader on your blog for longer and encourage them to signup for your newsletter so they never miss a future blog post.

Pick the right word count.

The most appealing content is specific instead of too general. Your word count will reflect the topic you choose. Some niche topics will only require a short word count, like 500 words or even fewer. Other topics may need more, especially if you’re creating a sort of “complete guide” to something. Even long-form blog posts and articles can be laser-focused on a specific topic, though. Whatever word count you choose, don’t word-stuff, which means rambling on just to increase the word count or include more SEO.

The best content will be appreciated by audiences while also being ranked highly by Google. The keywords you choose and how you link to your other blog posts both play a big role in SEO, as does the length of your content and how well it relates to its title. Content should be interesting while also being easy to find by your audience and potential readers.