What are Virtual Security Guards and How Do They Impact Your Business?

Maintaining security is a valuable asset to have in every business. There are benefits to using onsite security guards, but there are also benefits to using remote guards. Learn more about the positive aspects of working with virtual security guards.

Physical vs. Virtual Security Guards

Physical security guards arrive in person to monitor your property. They dress in uniform, carry a weapon and have some training in physical confrontations. They perform different shifts that may involve standing up for several, long hours. Many guards work with companies that allow them to rotate shifts in teams.   Having physical guards around is beneficial when you need immediate assistance. They are located minutes away from any disturbance, such as a burglary or fire. On the other hand, an onsite guard may be too close to the action and not be able to avoid injury.

The Benefits of Virtual Guards

Your property can be more secure with the use of virtual security guards. They are not in the direct line of danger, so they are less likely to be injured or killed. They mainly use technology to monitor business practices from afar.   Virtual guards review live footage using computers and onsite security cameras. They are able to pinpoint where the criminals are and follow their tracks. They also have recorded video to show every action that they make. Using these virtual technologies is more effective at catching criminals than not using any technology.   Remote security guards are important team members to add to any company. They provide a wide range of services in addition to security. They offer escort services to professionals who are working alone or at night. They may be the first people to arrive on site and open or close the building.   Many virtual guards are also trained to secure digital information on hard drives and Web servers. As security professionals, they can restrict or authorize access to specific computers or data rooms. They may install software that prevents the infiltration of computer viruses and hackers. These guards are needed to provide protections for schools, stores, warehouses and other businesses.   Virtual security guards are hired to work in all settings from shopping malls to construction sites. With the addition of technology, they are highly prepared for their jobs, even when they are located hours away from the premises. All companies will see numerous benefits from having a virtual security guard system in place.   If you’re looking to boost your small business, whether that’s by reinforcing your security, upgrading your website, or trying out a different marketing strategy, then make sure you keep us in mind!