Feedback Is Very Important

FeedbackHave you ever had a customer who seemed happy but suddenly stopped doing business with you? Did you ever wonder why? Obviously, something displeased them – customer service, the product or the attitude of you or your staff?

A majority of unsatisfied customers (almost 95%) never complain. It takes effort on the part of the customer to draft a letter of complaint or to phone in to voice displeasure. The easiest and most effortless option is to move on and never do business with that local business again.

So, how can you, as a business owner help your business improve it’s brand? The easiest way, is to solicit feedback.  I’m not saying to be point blank.  There are many ways to do this.

Examples on how to improve your brand

  1. Create a campaign to solicit feedback.
  2. If you own a website, have a ‘Contact Us or Feedback’ link.
  3. Get customers email address after making a purchase and email them a feedback link.
  4. Business Facebook and/or Twitter users can create a post requesting feedback in a humorous or educational way.

This is your opportunity to see how your business is doing and also receive non objective feedback that can help you improve upon your business.

Good luck and may your business prosper in many ways!