Facebook Changes 2016

With the growing competition of social media platforms and enhancements of search engines like Google, Facebook has done it’s fair share of changes to improve the visibility and usage of it’s platform.

When I first used Facebook and so was it’s intention, I saw it was basically a social media platform geared toward personal use, but I saw so much more. I felt it really could be used for business and asked myself, why can’t Facebook business pages be more like Yelp visually and like Google search-wise?



Well, behold! It’s 2016 and that’s exactly the direction I feel Facebook is going.  Now, it’s more robust and geared toward a business oriented model.

Here’s are some of the major changes Facebook has made:

  1. Facebook business pages get a new look.  I know, at first you wonder what’s going on?  I like the old look.  I felt the same, but there was a lot of thought towards the changes.  A lot of it was to promote more call to action and brand awareness.
    • Your profile picture now shows on the top left of your webpage above the new navigation, which is directly below.
    • The new navigation is customizable where you can customize it toward your business needs. For examples, if you have ‘Offers’, you can move that to the top of the menu. To make these changes, go to the bottom of your menu and click on the ‘Manage Tabs’.
    • Your cover photo no longer has something overlapping and blocking it, like your profile picture and call to action buttons, etc.
    • Your Call to Action buttons are right below your cover photo which give more chance for someone to click on them.
    • Facebook Business Pages are completely ad free, so no more unwanted distractions!
  2. Facebook will now have ads on 3rd party websites and apps.  This means that your ad will be shown to more people and more places on the internet besides just Facebook.  Larger audience, more opportunity.  Noteworthy, on June 06, 2015 Facebook announced Facebook Pixels, which essentially makes it easier to track users that go to your website from an ad.  Once someone has visited your website, it will track them and show them your ad on Facebook and other 3rd party websites and apps.  You can read more on this Facebook announcement to conversion tracking and optimization by clicking here, but to tell you the truth, it’s very technical and challenging to read.  Bottom line is Facebook Pixels coupled with the newly expanded audience really helps businesses target, do analysis and get more call to actions.  More sales? YES!
  3. Maps are now being added to Facebook Local Awareness Ads. To me, this takes a page out of Google search where you can see a map and have an opportunity for call to action like, get directions, call now, learn more and send message. It also will provide more information like business hours.
  4. Facebook News Feed Updates were announced on Jun 29, 2016. It’s not a business focus change, but still worthwhile to mention.  Facebook’s goal is to show news feeds that are more relevant and to be more family and friendly focused.

These are only the major changes. I feel Facebook is going in the right direction. It gives local businesses an alternative ad campaign platform and additional incentive to advertise on Facebook. If you have any questions on these changes and would like more information on how your business can take advantage of these changes, don’t hesitate to contact us.