Boring Friday At Work?

I know it’s Friday and you don’t feel like working, but the boss says ‘Get to work!’

You can still be productive whether it’s a slow day or Friday. Here’s some great productive activities to keep business going and at the same time pretty¬†easy to do.

1. Organize and clean – This is a great time to clean your office, straighten out your paperwork and maybe rearrange your office to better suit your needs.

2. Catch up with clients – Give some of your clients a call. The ones you haven’t talked to for awhile. Great client relationships are key to a successful business.

3. Clean out and organize that email box! – Not the most exciting thing to do, but it will speed up efficiency in the following workdays. If you have Outlook or similar email app, this would be a great time to create rules so certain emails go to certain folders. You can also unsubscribe from those newsletters that you thought you were interested in. Don’t forget to delete them along the way!

4. Plan for the upcoming week – Set your priorities, make sure your calendar’s correct. Make sure you’re prepared for what’s on your calendar and you don’t have schedule conflicts.

5. Get some exercise – Go for a walk, clear your head, relax a bit. Your work will be waiting for ya, no worries. In fact, taking little breaks increases productivity and reduces stress.

I hope I find your Friday going well and you enjoyed my tips.