5 Ways to Know You Can Make It in the Business World

The business realm is one of the cornerstones of modern society. It attracts some of the best and brightest minds hoping to impact the world through their work, and to leave a legacy for long after they are gone. However, this arena is not for everyone. Below are five traits that can influence your own success in business.


Entrepreneurs enter the business world with an idea, something they are passionate about and want to share with everyone. They have the drive and determination to see their idea through to the end and see failure as a launch pad for future successes.

Notable Characteristics

Entrepreneurs need to operate independently most of the time so they must be comfortable with little to no boundaries. While infinite independence might sound like a dream, structure helps people organize their days and tasks. An entrepreneur must identify the tasks that are most important and complete them as they occur. No one will tell them what they must accomplish during that day, so they must remember their vision and make a plan to realize it.


Additionally, entrepreneurs must be willing to sacrifice for their idea. This means that creativity fills the early stages of an idea, but they also include long days in the pursuit of their vision. This may mean dealing with setbacks immediately rather than focusing on the pre-planned tasks. Entrepreneurs must adapt to how their day changes while still maintaining an ultimate end goal.


The promise of infinite flexibility and the power to “be your own boss” attract many people to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, but the key characteristics of ambition, perseverance, and ability to complete work by self-discipline are required to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Learning about business is an excellent way to decide if it is the right career for someone. Typically, high-performing students exhibit many of the same traits as professionals, but what sets them apart is their work ethic.

Work Ethic

Students should develop a strong work ethic early in their studies to prepare themselves for the business world after graduation. Business professionals laud the ability to work hard, and that shows when interviewing for entry-level jobs.


Students who take on more responsibility during their studies are most likely to obtain coveted positions when they graduate and continue their ascent up the career ladder faster than their peers who are simply content with little responsibility. Students may find they require, or want, more education to move into a higher position.


Students who demonstrate this constant hunger for improvement can excel in an online master’s degree program while still working. Work ethic is impossible to force. It is up to the student to develop his/her own and mold it to fit the career he/she desires.

Business Owners

For many, owning their own business is a dream. The ability to be their own boss and be highly compensated for their work attracts many to jump into a venture of their own. In addition to entrepreneurial qualities, business owners must possess a couple more.

Must-have Characteristics

While entrepreneurs work mostly with ideas, business owners must work with a tangible product or service. This requires synthesis of all business aspects. Owners must attract their own clients through marketing, manage their finances, and ensure employee happiness through sound management. Some areas may warrant delegation to another professional or partner, but familiarity with marketing, finance, and management are important nonetheless.


Business owners must also exhibit control. Some owners want their business to remain small and fixture of their local community. Others may want to see their business listed on the New York Stock Exchange one day. How big the business grows is up to the owner, but he/she must set those boundaries.


Owning a business overlaps with an entrepreneurial spirit, but franchise companies make it easier for some people to manage one rather than do all the heavy-lifting, like farming for an original idea.