5 Clever Marketing Hacks to Boost Lead Capture and Increase Conversions

Are you looking for ways to increase your business’ revenue? If your business has a large number of social media followers and website visitors, then you have a great starting point to build on. However, those numbers are almost worthless if you aren’t capturing leads and converting them into sales and revenue. Read on to learn five clever marketing hacks that will boost your lead captures and increase conversions.


An opt-in works by offering something of value to people in exchange for building your email list. The item you offer can be an ebook download or anything relevant to your business that is very inexpensive to produce. You can place your opt-in offer as a pop-up on your home page, or create a separate landing page to which you drive traffic. This strategy will generate leads who are already interested in the type of offering you have.

Did you know that email marketing is proven to be more effective than social media marketing when it comes to increasing revenue? Although it’s often viewed as an outdated marketing method, email marketing generates valuable leads because it is something that consumers actively sign up for. It also fosters a more personal relationship with your customers. 

Follow Up with Leads That Didn’t Convert

Leads that have not yet purchased or booked a service from you are equivalent to unclaimed free money just sitting around. Client acquisition is the biggest expense for any business, and if you have already invested in acquiring true leads, then not converting them is a loss and a negative ROI. Luckily, following up with unconverted leads is now easier than ever thanks to advances in technology. Whether you use an email marketing provider or a separate provider, most platforms have a tool that allows your customers to choose how they want you to contact them. Most consumers these days prefer to be contacted by text. Use these tools to segment your list and generate follow-up texts in order to create more revenue.

Calls to Action

CTA stands for “Call To Action”. Using CTAs is a marketing strategy that increases organic exposure and captures leads. Before you create your CTA, you must decide what your desired goal is or what action you want people to take. An example of someone using a CTA is a musician who places a time-sensitive link on their 24-hour video post that asks their fans to click on the link in order to receive a free mp3 download.


Sharable buttons are short and simple ways to encourage your readers to share your content. Place the shareable buttons on the bottom of emails and attach them to your websites’ blog posts. With one touch of a button, readers can share your post on their social media pages. This is an effective way to generate traffic for lead capturing.

Create a Contest

Creating a contest with a prize has more mass appeal than your typical offerings but is still something that potential customers want. Make entering this contest contingent upon people visiting another one of your social media pages in order to generate more traffic. This is an effective strategy for reaching people who aren’t on your list but still want a piece of the action without a commitment. It is also a way to gather more email leads. Just be sure always to manage customers expectations before they give you their email address.

Coming up with marketing strategies that generate leads and significantly increase conversions is an opportunity for you to get creative and have fun with your marketing strategy. The more fun you have, the more engaged your customers will be.